8 Essentials Your University Checklist Should Have

university essentials checklist

No good soldier will enter the battlefield without a complete set of armour and weapons. The same goes for students entering or returning to university. Make sure you are fully prepared for whatever challenges uni life throws at you, with this handy university checklist.

What to Take to Uni

1. Personal Documents

Your ID, driver’s licence and passport are identification documents that should be on top of your list of things to pack. Aside from that, it’s a must to bring your letter of admission, accommodation details, and even financial or bank docs. Some universities require proof that a student is capable of paying their tuition and other related fees for the semester.

2. Clothes for Different Occasions

Your uni wardrobe shouldn’t be limited to day-to-day clothes you will wear for classes, and pyjamas and tracksuits for when you are staying at your dorm. Whether you are a social butterfly or not, there are school and extracurricular events you will definitely want to attend – and you have to dress up suitably for that.

Pack something you can wear for a party or social gathering, casual wear for other informal occasions, and a suit, just in case you will need it for a presentation or a formal event. Throw in some swimwear to be sure you can go with your new friends if they invite you to the pool or beach. If you don’t know anyone yet from your halls of residence, try and Get Social. Find out how you can do that from one of our previous blogs, ‘Starting University? Make Sure You’re Prepared.’

3. Complete Set of Stationery Supplies

Notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters and sticky notes are a student’s basic tools of the trade. However, these can just take up space and add weight to your luggage. It might be more convenient to just buy them at the uni, or order a set online and have it delivered to your dorm. Check our Student Stationery Starter Packs so you can have everything you will need. And if you want to add more items, we have arranged a Student Stationery Deluxe Pack for you.

4. Gadgets

In this digital age, it’s a must for students to have their own laptops and computers. Bring chargers, power banks, and power extensions, as well as other items a modern uni student might need: hair dryer/straightener, Bluetooth speakers, earphones/headphones, USB devices, and/or a portable hard drive.

5. Must-have Kitchen Utensils

University life is a great opportunity for students to develop and explore their culinary skills. Yes, you can opt to eat out or order food, but if you want to stretch your budget, cooking your own meals is the way to go. Though most dorms have a dedicated kitchen area, you will still need to bring your own mugs, bowls, plates, and spoons and forks.

Don’t have any idea what to cook? Here are some Cheap and Easy Student Meals you can try.

6. Bedroom Necessities

Prep and pack bed sheets, pillows and pillow cases, and duvet cover, so you can make sure you will enjoy a comfortable sleep every night in your dorm room, which will be your new home for the next four years or so. Other essentials your bedroom checklist should have include a mattress protector, laundry basket, and coat hangers. If you are a light sleeper, packing in a pair of ear plugs will serve you well.

7. Bathroom and Grooming Items

For bathroom items like towels and toothbrushes, be sure to pack at least two of each item so you have a spare in case you accidentally get it dirty or you haven’t done the laundry yet. Bring your favourite toiletry essentials, such as soap, shampoo, deodorant, and aftershave. But if you don’t want to carry a lot of things in your luggage, you can opt to purchase these when you get to uni, or buy online and have them delivered to your dorm.

Check our His Grooming in a Box and Her Grooming in a Box

Be prepared for any emergency with your very own first aid kit. Don’t forget to bring other hygiene products, such as tampons/pads and a razor/shaver.

8. Basic meds and supplements

Taking good care of your health is important in doing well at university. Aside from vitamins and supplements, pack some paracetamol and cold and flu medicines. Make sure you bring any personal meds too, such as those for allergies or asthma.

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