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At In a Box we aim to make life easier for you and more comfortable for your student. We offer a wide range of pre-packaged collections of essentials for higher education students moving into halls of residence and for school children starting to board.

For students heading to higher education the timing of knowing where you are going and when you need to go could not be worse. From exam results to moving into your halls of residence there are usually only a few weeks. In a Box aims to help make those last few precious weeks at home hassle free and easy.

Why run around desperately trying to pull together everything that they will need to set up their new rooms when you can just click on our high quality complete packs? At In a Box we aim to make your student’s transition to higher education as smooth as possible. There are even additional items that you can add to the pre-packaged bundles to tailor your In a Box packs to your student’s needs.

We will even deliver straight to campus if that’s what you prefer, less to cram into the car or for them to carry on a train!

We are known for our outstanding customer service, and our extensive collection of premium products and pre-bundled packages at affordable prices.

Gift Pack
What could be better than receiving a gift from home?

At In a Box UK we have a wide range of gift packs that you can arrange to send your student at any time. Nothing could be better to soothe away any feelings of homesickness and to let them know you are thinking about them.

Why not start by sending them a “Welcome Gift Pack (UK/UAE)” arriving for their first day or surprise them on their birthday with an In a Box “Birthday Gift Pack”?

Make it easy on yourself and save money by ordering our “All Year Long Gift Pack (UK)”, the gift that just keeps on giving! Your student will receive a total of 6 gift packs throughout the year. Or how about our "One per Term Gift Pack"?

Or perhaps they (or you!) would prefer our "Healthier Options Gift Pack" (Uk) instead, filled with delicious goodies with a focus on good nutrition.

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