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5 Ways To Budget Better At University

Budget better at university

It’s no secret that students are often short of money, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. With careful planning and a bit of discipline, you can easily learn to manage your money without having to miss out on all the fun that university has to offer. Stop eating out Takeaway […]

Parents: What's It Really Like Being At University?

studying in university

Parents usually find the process of their children going to university stressful because there are many unanswered questions, such as: Is it just one big party? How much money do they need? How will they make friends? What if they’re not getting on with their housemates? It’s normal to feel this way because they have […]

What's Clearing?

What happens if I don’t get the exam grades I need? What is clearing? How do I go through clearing? What happens…… Hopefully you’ll get the exam grades you need, but if you just miss out, the university or college might accept you anyway. You might get a place on either your firm or insurance […]

The Count Down to Results Day

The count down clock is ticking, what should you be doing in the run up to Results Day?  Read what the Telegraph has to advise:,d.ZGg

Preparing for Exam results Day

It’s not long until results will be published and knowing what to do on the day is critical.  Time is of the essence!  Find out what UCAS says on how to prepare for results day ……….