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Undergrad 101: Top-quality Student Bedding Essentials for University

A good night’s sleep cannot be bought, but you can always buy a soft and comfy bed that can help make it happen! In A Box offers incoming first years a variety of student bedding essentials for university that will allow them to adjust easier to their new environment and enjoy a restful night as soon as their head hits the pillow.

The UK bedding essentials best for university students

The UK student bedding package from In A Box highlights our efforts to make university life easier for first year students. We understand that with all the challenges you will be facing, getting a good rest to recuperate and replenish your energy is crucial to how you will adapt and perform in this new academic setting.

With our line of UK bedding packages, you can make sure you will have a comfortable bed waiting for you at the end of a hard day’s work at school. Choose from a variety of bedding designs, colours, and patterns that reflect your personality and make a home for yourself in your dormitory room.

Other UK student essentials for the university life

In addition to our bed packages for students, we offer a wide array of other products all designed to ease the transition of students to their university life. Seeing the need of students and parents to pack everything they need and transport these numerous items, we offer a convenient and flexible delivery service to take this burden off your shoulders.

You may choose to have your pre-ordered items delivered to your doorstep, or you can have them delivered at the student accommodation. Simply provide the delivery address once you know the details and we’ll take care of transferring everything your young one needs to their new university home.

Pre-order now!

Rushing to buy everything you need at the last minute makes you vulnerable to forgetting things and packing haphazardly. Avoid the rush and purchase the items you need now, and we’ll take care of transporting it for you.

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