Student Stationery Deluxe Pack


Student Stationery Deluxe Pack

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The In a Box student stationery deluxe pack – For the discerning student who wants to be fully prepared for the studying to come.

The In a Box student stationery deluxe pack will give your student all that they require to be properly equipped to get their heads down and get on with the job in hand! They will be delighted to find their In a box student stationery deluxe pack contains

2 x Black roller ball pens
2 x Blue roller ball pens
2 x Red roller ball pens
1 x Box of 12 pencils
1 x Eraser
1 x Pencil sharpener
1 x Packet of highlighter pens
1 x Set of Post it notes
1 x Correction fluid
1 x Box of paper clips
1 x Box of rubber bands
1 x 30 cm Ruler
1 x Set of small metal binder clips
1 x Notepad
1 x Sellotape dispenser
1 x Pair of scissors
1 x Stapler
1 x Hole punch
1 x Desk tidy
1 x Bin
1 x Set of notice board pins
1 x Small dry eraser board with marker pens, eraser and magnets
1 x Glue stick
1 x Calculator
1 x Desk lamp
1 x Lever arch file
1 x Set of dividers
1 x USB 8Gb4 x Permanent markers assorted colours

All sent directly to their halls of residence in time for the start of term or to their home addresses if they wish to transport it to their place of study themselves!

Occasionally some items may differ from those shown in the photo.

The Ultimate Stationery Kit – Deluxe Pack for Students

Make sure you are fully prepared for any lesson, exam, or homework with our complete student stationery deluxe pack. In A Box has specially chosen the items for this stationery pack for students who want to have more than just the essentials so they can be absolutely prepared for anything that might be required of them at university.

The stationery kit modern students need

The student stationery deluxe pack goes a step further by providing practical items like an 8-gigabyte USB, calculator, desk lamp, lever arch file, set of dividers, and permanent markers in assorted colours.

Like our basic student stationery pack, the deluxe variation has the complete tools of the trade that new university students might need – including pens and pencils, notepads and Post Its, scissors and stapler, hole punch and ruler, and a whole lot more.

Keep your notes and other documents organised with handy paper clips, metal binder clips, and rubber bands. Never forget any scheduled exam or project deadline with help from notice board pins and a smack eraser board with marker pens, eraser, and magnets.

Whatever you might need for your university life is in this stationery kit specially designed for students.

Other student essentials for university

Being fully prepared for the classroom and for any academic requirement is only one aspect of the university life. Incoming first years should also have the necessary items to live a comfortable independent life at their dormitory or hall of residence.

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They simple provide us the delivery address and relevant details later on so we could bring their order to the student accommodation right before the school term starts. For a convenient, speedy, and reliable way to equip students with everything they might need, trust In A Box. Visit our website now!