Student Stationery Starter Packs


Student Stationery Starter Packs

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The In a Box student stationery essentials pack – Every student needs a basic supply of stationery to help them organise their studies. The Basic Stationery In a Box pack will give your student a foundation of stationery to start them off.

They will be delighted to find their Basic Stationery In a Box pack contains

2 x Black roller ball pens
2 x Blue roller ball pens
2 x Red roller ball pens
1 x Box of 12 pencils
1 x Eraser
1 x Pencil sharpener
1 x Packet of highlighter pens
1 x Set of Post it notes
1 x Bottle of liquid paper
1 x Box of paper clips
1 x Box of rubber bands
1 x 30 cm Ruler
1 x Set of small metal binder clips
1 x Notepad
1 x Sellotape dispenser
1 x Pair of scissors
1 x Stapler
1 x Hole punch
1 x Desk tidy
1 x Bin
1 x Set of notice board pins
1 x Small dry eraser board with marker pens, eraser and magnets
1 x Glue stick

All sent directly to their halls of residence in time for the start of term or to their home addresses if they wish to transport it to their place of study themselves!

Occasionally some items may differ from those shown in the photo.

The Essentials of University Life – Complete Student Stationery Supplies

No one should ever go to the battlefield unprepared – and that is why every new university student should be fully prepared to face the upcoming challenges in their academic life.

In A Box features a wide array of stationery essentials for university that you will find practical and convenient, whether you are a first year about to leave home for university, or a parent who wants to make sure your young ones have everything they need.

Have a complete set of UK university student stationery supplies

At In A Box, we have carefully assessed the needs of modern students and come up with a starter pack of student stationery essentials for university. You no longer have to worry about forgetting to buy and pack anything as our starter pack of basic UK stationery supplies includes everything you might need: ball pens and pencils, eraser and liquid paper, pencil sharpener and highlighter pens, and notepad and Post It stickers.

It also contains paper clips, rubber bands, and metal binder clips to help you keep your notes and other papers organised and neat. Our starter kit for UK students also includes basic school stationery essentials like scissors, staplers, hole punch, board pins, ruler, and a tape dispenser, among other useful items.

We are a one-stop shop for all UK student essentials

In A Box is a leading provider of student essentials – we’ve got everything and anything you might need in starting your new life at university. What sets us apart in the industry is we offer you the option to pre-order the items you need now and simply provide us the delivery address and information later. In this way, you can be sure all the supplies you need will be at your dormitory waiting for you and that you will not forget to pack anything important.