University Essentials Part 2 – Long Distance Relationships whilst at University

Setting off to university whether it’s in your own country or abroad can be as much exciting as it is daunting!  Apprehension can be intensified by many factors and the prospect of leaving a partner at home and facing a long distance relationship can definitely contribute.

A long distance relationship is well known for being challenging but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Here at In a Box Group Ltd we have come up with the student essentials for making that long distance relationship work!

Communication Is Key

Thank goodness for skype! Being able to physically see each other helps to keep a relationship alive. It can be preferable to WhatsApp’s/messenger/text messages/emails though they are important too.  The written word can often be misinterpreted and speaking regularly on Skype can let you keep in tune with each other and reduce the chance of the written word being miscommunicated.

Don’t just wait to have a pre-arranged chat either, send small messages on a regular basis, keep abreast of what’s going on in each others lives and ensure you send “hope it goes well” “how was it messages for events in their day.

Be Honest and Try to Give Each other the Benefit of the Doubt

Try not to bury things, be open and honest regardless of the subject.  Trust is what will get you through and trust is not built on subterfuge or holding back!

Be careful with miscommunication and try to avoid jealously.  Social media allows you to keep in touch with each others lives, but can also be dangerously misinterpreted.  Keep things in perspective and try not to judge what you see and hear until you have full details!

Be Romantic and Don’t Forget to Be Spontaneous

It’s the little things count. Whether its sending a written letter, or arranging a care package (check out gift packages)

It might not be possible for you to physically be there but you can still do little things to show how much they mean to you and that you’re thinking of them.

Use Technology

We have already mentioned WhatsApp, Skype, and Messenger but there are other great apps that you can use.  There is a free app called “Couple” which allows you to send a ‘kiss’ by pressing the screen, your phones then vibrate when you connect.  It allows you to do other things too like messaging, drawing, sending videos and photos.

A university essential for students having long distance relationships!

Remember You

When you are separated, it can be really easy to stay in your room and mope about.

Make sure you make a life for yourself, be independent.  It will make it easier for you, you will actually enjoy your university experience and it will allow you to keep things in perspective. It’s a student essential that you are happy!

Make Sure You See Each other Regularly but Maintain A Balance

Ensure you see each other regularly though try to avoid making your whole existence about either travelling to see them or them travelling to see you.  It’s important that you both have balance and have space for other friends and family.  Absence can make the heart grow fonder!

Try to plan trips ahead of time so that you can benefit from cheaper travel deals.  Forward planning also allows you to have something to look forward to and allows you to be able to easily schedule and fit in your student essential independent activities!

Being organized will also allow you to plan a few things for when you are together helping you enjoy your time when you are in the same place for once!

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……. What If ……?

Some times you just need to accept that long-distance relationships don’t always work out.

If you need to deliver the bad news try where possible to do it face to face. It’s never a bad thing to do it in their home town either. Nothing worse than being dumped and having to travel 3 hours’ home!

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